Sound media file format


Sound is the most exciting element of the multimedia project it covers all the talks whispers, music, and sounds. whether it is an online speech or background music sound puts its impact on the listener, the sound effect can convert an ordinary multimedia presentation into a spectacular one.

Multmedia file format:

Multimedia sound can be applied on IBM or Macintosh PC, in window base PC sounds are available in the multimedia icon under the control panel. many more sound will be available if you installed Microsoft on your computer

MIDI Audio Files

  • MIDI  stands for musical instrument Digital information.
  • MIDI is a communication standard for electronic music instrument and computer.
  • MIDI format was developed for music industry.
  • MIDI file is a sequence of timestamp command that are recorded on a musical action each of these command produces sound on the musical instrument.



Advantages of MIDI:

  • MIDI files don’t need huge memory main memory to play.
  • MIDI files are mostly used on the internet.
  • in case of very high quality sound source MIDI can generate better result in digital audio files
  • MIDI files can be easily edit.

Disadvantages of MIDI:

  • MIDI is not easy to store and playback spoken dialogues.
  • Many application software has been developed for Digital audio.
  • working with MIDI request a good knowledge of music theory.

Digital sound:

digital sound is a better alternative than MIDI files. a recording software listens to music and takes a digital snapshot of music at a particular point in time this snapshot is called a simple. 

the number of sample per second (samples/sec) is called the sampling rate. sound waves are analogous to creating digital files of sound analog to digital Modulation is used.

Advantages of digital sound:

  • The digital audio is independent of the device used to play them.
  • we can increase or decrease the quality of the sound by increasing or decreasing the sampling rate.
  • the digital audio market is full of many types of recording and playing devices 
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