Painting and Drawing Tool

Painting and drawing tools:


In Photoshop painting and drawing are the two different operation, the painting is defined when you paint a surface by changing the color of the pixel after you have painted the surface it is very hard to change of particulars stoke of the color.
on the otherhand drawing is defined when you draw geometrical shape on a drawing.
Painting tools supported by Photoshop ar

Painting tools supported by Photoshop are:

  • Pencil
  • airbrush
  • Eraser
  • Blur
  • sharpen
  • Gradient
  • bucket
  • Eyedropper


The brush tool Photoshop paint soft edge brushes. several tools used the shape of the brush.  the brushes palette allows you to select a particular shape to use with selected tool.


Eraser tool box entirely opposite to the brush tool, it erase the paint. it draw on a pixel either to background colour or to a transparent colour.

Pencil tool:

Pencil tool behave and work similar to the brush tool the only difference between the pencil and the brush tool is that the edge of the brush stroke will always be smooth at the and that of the pencil will always be heart.

Eyedropper tool:

Eyedropper is used to take a color from the individual part of the image. It read the color associated with the clicked pixel and make it either the foreground or background color. the sample of the color can be taken either from the image or anywhere in the screen.


Photoshop image are formed by placing the layers one over the other in such a manner that until you draw something on the current layer you can see through the current content of the layer below the current layer. Photoshop allow us to create 1 to 99 99 years barmer..

Pen tool:

A pen tool is a powerful tool for drawing a straight line, or a smooth curve.

line tool:

 It Is used to draw a straight line with different colors, the line which can be increased or decreased as per required.

Pencil tool:


Pencil tool used to draw straight as well as curved lines as per required.


Oval and circle:

Oval option in the toolbox to draw circles and oval shape objects using different colors.

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