difference between lossless compression and lossy compression

Lossy Compression

Lossless Compression

Lossy compression/ logical compression removes known useful part from the file

Lossless compression lossless compression just reconstruct the exact data

Lossy compression can decrease the size at greater extent

lossless compression reduce the size of the data at lower extent 

compression quality of the data degrade

compression quality of the data degrade

After lossy compression the data cannot be recovered or restore

In lossless compression a file can be restored to its original form.

Algorithms uses are: Discrete Cosine Transform, Discrete Wavelet transform, fractal compression

Algorithm uses are :  Huffman Coding, Arithmetic encoding, Run Length Encoding,

Examples: JPEG image, MPEG video, and MP3 audio formats

Examples: GZIP, Brotli, WebP, and PNG,

Advantage and Disadvantage of Lossless compression and Lossy compression

Lossy compression:



  • Can choose preferred degree of compression
  • Original file cannot be recover
  • Supported by many tools, plugins.
  • Compression may remove the usefull parts of file
  • Significant file reduced



Lossless compression:



  • Retain file quality in smaller size
  • Largely compress file size
  •  No loss of quality, slight decreases in image file sizes.
  • Larger files than if you were to use lossy compression
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