Color model in multimedia

Color model:


Photoshoot support various colors modes for image the color mode determines the color model used to display and print the image. the image display or printed in Photoshop may contain a few or thousands of colors.

1.HSB model:

Hue, saturation and brightness model is based on the human aspects of the color.

 HSB has three main characteristics of the color:

  • Hue:
    It is color that is actually reflected by the object it contains color from 0 to 360 degree.
  • Saturation:
    The saturation is measure of strengthening of original color in the presence of color. it is measured from zero percent to full saturated.
  • Brightness:
    The brightness measure the relative lightness or Darkness of a color from 0% to 100%

2. RGB model:


The red, green and blue model of the color use the three basic colors to define the all possible colors. the combination of this colors  0 to 255.


3.CMYK model:

The Cyan, Magenta, yellow and black model is based on the properties of the light absorbing by an ink paper. when the light falls on the paper some wavelength of the light are absorbed where is some reflected


4.LAB model:

 it is also called CIE LAB model, this model is used to create color that are independent of device such as printer and monitor.

Colour modes:

We use colour modes in Photoshop the colour modes supported by Photoshop are

1. Bitmap mode:

The bitmap is just used to colour-print the image. black and white are the only supported colour

2. Grayscale mode:

The grayscale mode uses the intensity of the black colour in the colour. in the case of zero per cent is white and hundred per cent is black

3. RGB mode

the RGB mode is based on the RGB model every colour is created by assigning a value from 0 to 255 to each of the three basic colours

4. CMYK model:

CMYK model is based upon the CMYK model every pixel is assigned a value of different colours.

5. LAB  model

The lightness component of this model can have values from 0-100

Color adjustment:

Color adjustment is  one of the most important jobs that are done in photoshop. photoshop allows you to change the color of a particular part or the whole image you can adjust the brightness contrast level of image you can adjust Shadow, mix tone in highlights.


Shadow are the Dark area of the image. this generally include Shadows And other dark fields.


Midtones are the middle class of a color spectrum, present in your image. when you can select the mid tones the extra dark and light colors are not affected and the changes are made on middle color


Highlights the lighter area of the image. this generally include faded or very light background.

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