Basic of Computer (BIT)
In this  whole article we will see or know all about basic of computer or basic of information technology (BIT).

Basic of computer (BIT)

a computer is an electronic machine that can do multiple tasks as per user’s required
The computer is the information processing machine that processes information and data
Components of computer
  • CPU
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Speaker
Peripheral devices
The internal or external devices of a computer which does not impact on the primary function
of a computer are known as peripheral devices
Examples of peripheral devices:   keyboard, mouse, speaker, printer.
Application of computers
Application of computers
  • Ticketing:   How to book railway tickets online and calculate fees we use a computer
  • Agriculture:   How to calculate area invest man production computer.
  • In offices:   Offer in-office immensely computer help in automatic The functioning of an office
  • In education:  In education, we use computers for online learning and to increase our productivity.

Characteristics of computer: 

There are many characteristics of a computer but here we will look for some of its main characteristics like speed, accuracy, power, IQ, and feeling..

Some of them are:


the computer is a very fast device that can perform a task in a few seconds computer speed are measured in hertz megahertz.

Accuracy :

 today’s computer is fast and high accuracy, it can calculate in mill second with the highest accuracy.


Power of remembering, the computer can store and recall any amount of information at any certain time, a computer can store the information several years.


The computer is not a magical device it can only perform a task that human being can the difference is that it performs this task with unthinkable speed and accuracy a system has no intelligence of its own, iQ is zero a computer, a computer cannot take its own decision in this regard.
No feeling:
Do computer has memory to store things a human head but the computer does not possess the Heart and Soul like a human being. a human feeling that knowledge and experience we often make certain judgments in our day-to-day life but the computer cannot make such judgments on their own
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