Macromedia Flash and macromedia Director

Macromedia flash:

Macromedia flash is used for delivering rich multimedia content on the web it allows the creation of a simple static HTML page, with the Flash Player plugin. 

Advantages of Macromedia Flash:

  • easy to put animation and interactive movies.
  • Interactive menus
Disadvantages of Macromedia Flash
  • Increase in file size.
  • Music and sound file are embedded.
  • Flash movies increase file size and increase downloading time.

Macromedia director:

Macromedia director contains caste, score, and Lingo. the multimedia database has cast contains still image sound files.
Sound files text shapes, scripts, movies, and other directors.

the score is the sequence for displaying animation and placing cast members.

lingo is An object-oriented scripting language that enables interactive and program control.

Advantages of Macromedia Director:

  • Good for creating animation.
  • Bunching
  • user control
  • Interactive

Disadvantages of Macromedia Director:

  • Expensive.
  • Net experience
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