Multimedia and Application

The need of using various media in a single application, lead to the evolution of multimedia. from the 1990’s multimedia software are being used by managers, teachers, marketing, doctor, engineers, and many other peoples.


Multimedia multimedia refers to the creation of files by comparing in combining various media as like audio video and animation in a single file format


Hypertext and hypermedia:

  • hypermedia,  the media (files, folder, photo, video) with which the user can navigate (move from one place to another) is called hypermedia.


  • The text that is used to link information or other site is called hypertext.

Example: when click this link we move to different page


Types of multimedia project:

  • Linear multimedia project.
  • Nonlinear multimedia
  • Multimedia authority 

Linear multimedia project :

Linear multimedia the multimedia that do not required any user interaction is called Linear multimedia. Like live video streaming ,live video streaming the user cannot speed up or decrease the video.


Nonlinear multimedia:

 nonlinear multimedia the multimedia that require the user interaction is called non linear multimedia 

example: YouTube, Netflix,  as in this platforms we can fast forward the video.


Multimedia authority:

 Multimedia authority to the software data used to combine various media as element in a single project

Animation :

 Animation animation is a process of displaying multiple image one after the another in a particular sequence at a rate more than 16 frames for pictures per second


Animation techniques type:

  • CEL animation 
  • Computer animation


CEL animation/ traditional animation:

  • cell animation every frames of the movie contains a different graphics.
  •  it plays 24 frames in one second.
  • made popular by Disney through animated cartoons.

Example: cartoon animated movies


Computer animation:

  • Computer animation, uses some principle of cell animation to create animation.
  • It is subset of both computer graphics and animation Technology

Application of multimedia:


Multimedia in business
Multimedia tools are also used to analyse the current position and to predict the future scope of production.

Multimedia in Science and Technology
Multimedia tools are also used to analyse different elements and their chemical compounds and also scientific studies like oceanology, volcanology,genetics.

Video multimedia in education
The emergence of multimedia has changed the way of the teaching and learning in Modern School
Example online education

Multimedia in advertisement and marketing
Advertisement and marketing sectors has gained a new look and shape with the evolution of multimedia it also used to make charts, flow charts, predict and lower their investment risks.

Multimedia in kiosks
The developed countries multimedia kiosks are installed in hostel, train station, shopping mall, museum and grocery stores in a shopping mall, it can provide information about the available products and their rates

Multimedia in virtual reality
Virtual reality system makes you feel about some environment or object which is actually not present with the help of the special gloves sensitive fruits and shoes the virtual reality system makes you a part of the virtual environment.

Multimedia in gaming:

 gaming is the demanding sector of multimedia

Example: 2D 3D games are popular in kids

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