multimedia authoring tools

Authoring system:


The authoring system is a program that has pre-programmed elements for the development of interactive software titles.

Multimedia authoring tool:


The authoring tool is also known as authoware/ user program. Authoring tools provide the Framework for organizing and editing the elements of the multimedia program.
It enabled the developer to combine text graphics, audio, video, and animation into an interactive presentation.

Features of Authoring Tool:

  • Editing tool
  • Interactive program
  • Time and play back feature
  • Internet future

Types of Authoring tools:

  1. Card and page-based tool
  2. Iconic based authoring
  3. Time-based tool
  4. web page tool



1. Card and page-based tool:

card and page-based tools provide simple easily understood metaphors for organizing multimedia elements. It contains media object as buttons, text,  etc. 

It provides the facility to Link objects to page cards.

Advantages of card and page based tools:

  • Is it to understand metaphor 
  • 1 screen = 1 card = 1 page
  • Easy to use
Disadvantages of card and page based tools:
  • Some run only on one platform

2. Icon base /even Driving tool:

  •  Icon base is the simplest and easiest authoring tool.
  • Icon base simply branching is the ability to go to another section of the media products.
  • multimedia elements and interactive cues are organized as objects in a flowchart.
  • the flowchart can be built by dragging a specific icon from a library and then editing the content.

3. Time-based tool:

  • It allows the designer to arrange the various elements and events of a multimedia project along a well-defined timeline.
  • As time advance from starting points, the event begins one after the other.
  • The events may include media file playback as well as a transaction from one position to another position of the project.
  • Time-based tools provide speed at which the transition must be controlled
  • Time-based tool suited for when information flows from beginning to end, for Example movie

The software is:

  • micro media director
  •  Macromedia Flash

Advantages of time-based tool:

  • Clear structure creating of animation
  • Branching
  • User control
  • Interactive facility

Disadvantages of time-based tool:

  • Very expensive
  • The file size is very large
  • Difficult to learn

4. web page authority tool:

  • web page authority tool users of all skill levels to create a web page.
  • Some application software programs include a web page authority program.
  • Adobe dream weaver allows one to create a web page without learning to underline HTML

Software  Example: Adobe Dreamweaver front page.

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