Selection and transformation tool

Selection tool:


The selection tools are used to select an area from the image, this selection tools include marquee tools, Lasso tools and magic wand tools.


1.Mercury tool:

The marquee tool is used to make a rectangular, elliptical, single row and single column section from your image. the rectangular marquee tool is used to select a rectangular area from the image.

2.Lasso tool:

Lasso tool is used to make freehand and snap to selection on the image, these tools are needed when you need to select irregular shapes,

 there are three categories/ type of lasso tool:

  1. Lasso tool.

  2.  polygon tool

  3. magnetic lasso tool



Lasso options:

Edge Contrast:
The edge contrast define the sensitive of lasso tool to the age of the image. you can value between one  to hundred percent


Specifies the width upto which the lasso  will select the point from the mouse pointer. higher value of the width will select more pixels for from point

lasso puts fastening point in the selection these points are placed on the geometry of the selection.

3.Magic wand tool:

Magic wand tool is the easiest and fastest selection tool of the photoshop.

Transforming image:

The transforming include resize image, rotating image, flipping image, skewing image, distorting image and changing the perspective of selection. the section mainly deals with the transform in image using the selected command.


1.Re resizing image:

 photoshops allow us to change the size of the image to make it bigger or smaller than the original need. you can be careful while resizing image as the image can be enlarge upto an extend.


2.Rotating image:

 photoshop allow us to rotate the image around a reference point. Rotation can be done in two ways:

  1. Rotating by angle: you can rotate the image by an angle

  2. Rotating by degree : also rotate the image by an arbitrary angle


3.Free transformation:

 the free transformation option lets you to resize and rotate the selected area from the image

4.Flipping image:

 flipping effects produced the mirror copy of the selected area from the image flipping can be done either in horizontal direction or in vertical direction.

5.Skewing image:

the skew Commando Photoshop is used to twist the image in a specific is similar to hold a rubber sheet and move it into a direction from one edge while keeping the other edge stationery.


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