what is UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission)

upsc civil services

first I should like to give certain questions that we are going to discuss here so that we are going to First topic that is we are going to get answers to all questions so:

  1. What is UPSC?  
  2. Why civil services?
  3. Who is eligible?
  4. education for UPSC Civil Services Examination?
  5. What is the age limit?
  6. what is the selection procedure?
  7. what is the nature of the exam?
  8.  how to study?
  9. what will be the exam strategy you should carry out?

The foremost question that I am going to discuss here is:


What is UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission)?

(UPSC) Union Public Service Commission is conducting out various examinations like Civil Service Examination.

Civil Service Examination is one of the part of UPSC.

 Because many students are saying UPSC, this way that I am preparing for UPSC, so keep in mind this is unions or Public Service Commission or something like we Service Commission.


UPSC is like a board that conducts examinations for different job profiles. for example civil services, defense services, CDS, NDS, and so on.

the written examination that is conducted by UPSC in different services in examinations like engineering technical services.

 what are civil services?


 civil services include various categories the most prominent exam or many people are interesting in the exam that is considered as IAS (Indian Administrative Services)

now is Indian Administrative Services. Civil services exam many people are having this type of approach that we want to prepare for IAS and not for you UPSC. 

Civil Services


Civil Services has various fields that are considered as civil services. Whether you are preparing for IFS or IAS IPS all that have only one heading is Civil Services and all these examinations are conducted by UPSC. suppose you are having a dream to become an IPS officer then also you have to appear for Civil Services Examination.

History of civil services?

this civil services is the main governing body or administrative body rather of India particularly in present-day whatever the system is there that is created by a British rule when British’s got power in India or they gained power rather I should use word gained power in India they introduced this civil services pattern of selection in India in those days this was called as ICS examination,


initially, that was not open to Indians but in the later phase, they open to Indians they allowed even Indians to enter in this examination but this is very critical in those days for Indians because Indian students were starting out their education at age of 8, whereas in Europe it was in was earlier age. so the age restriction was there that was too less for Indians and the examination was conducted only in England, so in order to appear for this exam.

students must England physically present in England for this exam later on by continuous demand of Congress  (Indian National Congress) in those days in 1922.

First In India

this examination was conducted first in Allahabad the first in India. the first exam was conducted and this way Indian exam was conducted and the Indian role in administration increased out today this system is there which covered literally a nation.

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