Why Civil Services | UPSC

Why Civil Services?

As I have discussed what is UPSC now we are going to see Why civil service?

In civil services, we can go for civil services. we also go for engineering services through civil services if you want to join government jobs.

you should understand so when we are talking of this civil services then that is the main governing body or administrative body rather of India particularly in present-day whatever the system is there  that is created by a British rule when British’s got power in India

What we us to join civil services? what we will get by joining civil services? what is the role of civil services and why you should join civil services? These are some questions around us about UPSC, 

the first and most important reason to join civil services is that civil services are still the most prestigious service.

As we have seen people who have qualified as Doctor even they have done MBBS MD MBA even they have done you know MBBS, MD, MBA, Stanford University, even they have worked in multinational corporations they come and join civil corporations they come and join civil services because civil services in India is still very prestigious when you are a district magistrate or a super tender district magistrate or super tender police or a commissioner of police or a commissioner of Customs and Excise or an ambassador in a particular Excise.

then the type of prestige and power you enjoy is the unparalleled nation

What we join civil services? Why civil services | UPSC?

here are some reasons for the question above:

  1. Important point is that civil service still is the most prestigious service in India.
  2. Important service in India, civil services very powerful under the law for example as a customs Commissioner or as an assistant customs Commissioner it is your power to decide what refund you will give whether you will raid a company.
  3. If you are in the is the job security, if you are in the corporate job you can be just thrown away by the corporate giving one month of notice.
  4. High salary and promotion.
  5. You can have work/life services and not have very strict timing you generally perform 9:00 to 5:00  five day a week. You have plenty of time to spend with your friend and family.
  6. You are in civil services then you have a lot of job satisfaction.
  7.  The freedom to work.
  8. Have a better life and facilities.
  9. Respect from society.
  10. A platform to improve society.
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